Friday, April 26, 2013

The power of positivity

It seems everywhere we look these days the news is bleak. Death, destruction, chaos...followed by heaping doses of denial. Certainly the perpetrators of these horrendous acts are imbalanced but in the aftermath there are always those that want to make excuses or worse, flat out refuse to acknowledge the truth! The media spins each nauseating detail until we're weary of listening...dragging it out (seemingly) until the next tragedy.
The underlying gist's is always what we ALL want to know....WHY? How could such a thing happen? Why would anyone do such a thing? What were they thinking? The answer is simple.
                   "Madness has no reason...but it can have a purpose."
An oversimplification? I suppose. If you're looking to understand the psychology behind such things. I would classify such musings as a S.W.A.G (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) human being are to wildly diverse to neatly pigeonhole into neat little boxes. Generalizations? Sure...Why not? I know there are experts that would vehemently argue this point BUT I think rational folks would agree...nuts is nuts!
Take a thousand people, expose them to the EXACT same stimulus and no two will agree or react exactly the same. It's what makes us unique and as individual as snowflakes!
There seems to me to be a tipping of the scales...more hopelessness...desperation. Has living gotten harder in the past fifty years? I think not. By all measurable standards, our lives are easier than at any time in history. More stressful? Debatable...a lot of our stresses are self inflicted.
                           I NEED this...that...or the other thing....NOW!!! 
I believe, that in part we've become so complacent in the instantaneous nature of modern existence that we ignore or fail to recognize the simple joys all around us. The sun on our face...the laughter of a child...the unquestioning love of a pet. Not enough you say? To simplistic? I would ask you...WHY?
If the simplest things fail to move you, if we only live for the highest of the high then why would we expect our lows to be less devastating when there is no cushion in between! In each of our lives there are a myriad of things we cannot control...what we CAN control is our response AND our attitude! We either take a deep breath and make the best of a situation or we take a deep breath and bemoan our fate. We get one shot folks...make the most of it! Life is evolves and ebbs. Let me tell ya a's ALL wonderful! Even the points that are the most difficult can be used in a positive manner. You may be able to keep another from the same heartache or use the wisdom of your experience to alter your course. The point is...YOU CAN CHOOSE! friends, ATTITUDE!

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