Friday, September 27, 2013

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Break the Barriers!

We've all had moments and events in our lives that on the surface appeared to be insurmountable barriers...road blocks if you will...we have sudden health issues, our finances nosedive, our personal relationships crumble. Sometimes these events are widely spaced and at others them seem to cascade all at one is exempt.
The stress and struggles used to navigate these obstacles translates into three basic categories. Attitude...Experience...Demeanor. Simplistic you say? Maybe...but think about it. Our attitude is paramount and will determine the course and depth of the other two.
Our writing mirrors this. In our novels we place our creations into situations that we feverishly hope we never have to face and then we try to figure out a believable path to salvation! The key to successfully relating to our readers is to ensure that we weave those crucial elements into our story. How our characters (and WE) perceive the problem will determine several things. Attitude doesn't necessarily effect the mechanics of how an issue is dealt with...a character can use the exact same skill sets with a completely opposite attitude, what WILL and SHOULD change is the type of experience drawn and of course the demeanor of the individual at the conclusion of the catalyst. Mismatch one of the elements and your story will come across as trite and hollow. As in life our protagonist or antagonist must evolve and change with each trial...our experiences change us...sometimes profoundly but if we refuse to let our experiences altar our demeanor, if we remain curmudgeonly then our suffering and the surmounting of it becomes moot. Our creations become woefully predictable and half do we my friends. Life is meant to be meet head on...especially when it becomes difficult. For every great darkness there is light...and that light is always held by those that we hold most dear...loved ones and strangers alike. Infuse your writing with the complexities of the human heart and all the shades of grey that lie within and you're sure to relate to a broad base of readers...thrillers, paranormal, YA....the subject matter isn't relevant...what brings stories to life is the ability of your character to relate to your reader!
Use your lives experience....think about how it changed you or someone around you...NOW you're ready to shatter some barriers!