Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We're bombarded daily with horrific acts of senseless violence. It would seem there's no shortage of imbalanced people willing to inflict harm on innocent and unsuspecting victims. The media brings us these events in real time and the heartache and agony of those involved is replayed over and over in an unending loop until we become desensitized.
Shock value it's called...
In the age of instantaneous information, we're used to getting everything NOW. It's a double-edged sword...while we see the aftermath of a mad-man's  mayhem, we also witness the courageous acts of everyday folks thrust into impossible scenarios, exemplifying the very best in human behavior.
I sometimes despair at the hopelessness of it all. Asking the unanswerable...why?
There are no satisfactory explanations. Good versus evil? Angles and demons? I dunno...I only know that unless we all slow down and realize that in reality, there are no differences...race, religion, economic class....We ALL want the same things!
A commonality that bridges language and nationality...most folks want a sense of purpose. A feeling that we've make our mark and that we lived for something! We want our children to grow up healthy and without fear. To have the freedoms to pursue our desires and offers no's not's not always just...BUT by striving to be the best each of us can be, we make our world and those we come into contact with a little bit better!
Trusting is hard...more so in these times. I'm more cynical that sweet wife, bless her; has shown me by example that doing little things to help others can make profound differences! Yes, we must be wary and vigilant, but temper that with a willingness to lend a hand. There are a great many kind, good people in this world...they just rarely get equal time in the press. Start today...let your own light shine.

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