Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Interview Blues

I wrote this when I was frustrated with my job searching a couple of years ago. Hope it gives you a chuckle!

Week four in the interview process....I have discovered after so many years of being absent in the "hunting pack" the reason so many folks hate job hunting is that the interviewers ARE NUTS!
You go in prepared...dressed well...informed...and they say some of the most inane things! Or no attention to what your saying and ask the same redundant questions ten times! I'll give ya an example...

Interviewer: So you've been working in this field for how long?
Me: Seventeen years.
Interviewer: Wow. That’s a long time. So how much of that experience is applicable?
Me, suppressing a sigh: Seventeen years.
Interviewer: Uh-huh, uh-huh. When you say seventeen years, is all that time like; doing the same type of work?
Repressing the urge to ask if he's snorting his breakfast, I reply.
    "Yes, of course."
Interviewer: So you’re applying for the same type of position here. May I ask why?
A little light in my mind lights up indicating I'm dangerously close to "active smart-ass mode" gritting my teeth, I smile and brightly say,
     "Well, being as I've trained for and been working in this field for so long, I thought it best if I stuck with it!"
I'm met with a blank look and I wonder if this guys fallen asleep or if he's picking up on the sarcasm. Instead. Unbelievably, he asks.
     "Ok. So just a few more questions. How long have been doing electrical maintenance?"
HOLY CRAP! Apparently, I inadvertently hit his reset button! It takes a super human effort to resist the eye roll. Instead with a carefully neutral mask, I reply.
      "One hundred and nineteen dog years."
Interviewer: "Wow. That’s a long time. So how much of that experience is applicable?"
Me: ...SIGH....."It seems like all of it."
The good news is I wasn't arrested for assault and didn't fall out of my chair or have a stupidity seizure.....its going to be a LONG week....

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