Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A new day

This blog will be for relating my experiences and humor with others in the hopes of creating an atmosphere of sharing and learning from each other. Human beings are unique in that each of us perceive and interrupt the same events and process that information in totally different ways! What some would find offensive, others would laugh at.
What that means is we each have the capacity to learn from each others perceptions...if we chose to! Please feel free to comment and share your views. I look forward to getting to know you. As a dog owner and a fella that's been struggling with staying fit as I get older I thought I'd share a little tale of a recent interaction with my hound.

Doggie doodles

My silly dog has recently decided that pooping in the floor is his definitive way of showing his displeasure. (Yes, he's been house-broken many years!) I thought it could be symptomatic of a medical problem, but NOOOO! He only does it when I refuse him something! (i.e. sleeping with us at night, an extra treat, ect.) Sigh....honey says it's because we're both so stubborn...PHHTT! Like I have that problem!
     "Don't yell at him, he's all hunkered down and guilty already." Honey admonishes me.
      "If I pooped in the floor wouldn't you YELL at ME!" I ask.
Rolling her eyes she tells me.
     "If YOU poop in the floor, I'm taking you to the pound."
I swear the asinine mutt snickers at me.
     "You’re picking him over ME!" I whine, glaring at the offending critter.
      "No dear. I'm just saying you have to find another way to get your point across."
Collage girls! Now I'm supposed to reason with the hairy bugger! I say snidely.
     "How about I pick this up and bring it to YOU so YOU can explain it to him!"
Looking over her glasses honey smiles sweetly and says.
      " That won't work. He's not pissed at ME!" 
Exasperated, I clean up the mess and hunker down on my knees looking the poop-machine eye to eye, saying sternly.
      "I'm the boss around here, you got that! Keep this up and I'll put you outside permanently!"
His big brown eyes look into mine steadily for a moment and he gives my face a big lick.
      "Well I'll be damned...." I think. "It worked!"
Honey is snickering herself silly on the chair and the animal looks insufferably pleased with himself.
         "What!" I demand getting to my feet.
Laughing out loud, honey says. 
     "You don't want to know WHAT he was licking before you came in here!" 
Why that miserable son-of-a.....!!!


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