Friday, April 18, 2014

When stuck in a rut....

When stuck in a rut…

We are all at some level, creatures of habit. Routines and regular schedules are comforting and even necessary for our daily existence. Its how we get things done in a timely fashion BUT every adult (and most teens!) have felt ‘stuck’ at one point or another in life.
We become bored with the sameness of it all! While it’s not practical (and unwise) to change some of the major routines in our life like work, school, commute, ect.  We should strive to shake things up in other areas. Not only is this healthy, it can give us a fresh perspective and a renewed vigor in our endeavors.
Einstein said:  
Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
When it comes to our writing and our efforts to market and publish our works, this quote is especially apt. There is no magic bullet, no secret path to becoming a successful author. It’s consistency, attention to detail, WORK! Sounds suspiciously like a rut…BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE!
While there are exceptions, most professional (full time, paid) authors compile a volume of work over a decade, (YUP, 10 years!) building their platforms and reader bases until they begin earning a modest living. So what can we do to avoid the dreaded RUT?
Diversify! Write in as many genres as interest you. Do freelance copywriting. Write short stories. Attend conferences and seminars…HOST a seminar! Speak publically and do signings. Giveaways, newspapers, libraries, volunteer events, everything can be a marketing opportunity.
Perhaps more importantly, NEVER stop learning! Experience new things and challenge yourself not just in your writing but also in your day-to-day living! If you have a fear conquer it! Do you have a dream or a secret desire? Then set concrete goals and chase that dream!
Nothing is impossible if approached with the determination, desire and willingness to work steadily towards its completion.
The only difference in a successful author (person) and a failed one is simply this…successful people never give up!
You’ll be rejected…told no…feel disheartened…so what? EVERY SINGLE successful person has experienced this too! Keep swinging…. sooner or later that bat’s gonna connect and when it does…. well… that’s a whole new kindia rut to get used to!

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