Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Letters of Love

Four letters. L-O-V-E… As many meanings as there are people. A simple word, conveying such complexities…what other word can explain such opposing acts?
Stories of heroism and heinous atrocities are done in its pursuit.
     That single emotion that both makes us grand and reveals our vilest nature can equally elate and destroy those it touches but without it…ahhh…that absence is the essence of abyss.
The paths we travel are chosen no matter the motivator. Use the loftiest of your desires to anchor your journey…For L-Laughter, limitless, lighthearted, lustrous and lavish.  For O- open, optimistic, overjoyed, original and opulent. V is for- victorious, vigilant, vivid, virtuous and vital. E should be- enduring, enchanting, enthusiastic, empowered and empathic.
Living fully means embracing that which burns. Hold it close. Bask in the glow for as long as it’s given. Squirrel it away for those November days that come for us all. On the chilliest day, in the darkest night, that burning ember that cannot be extinguished will carry us through to face the dawn.
Beware of complicity…of complacency. Take nothing for granted, for what is easily given can also be lost. Be aware of the simplicity and the power of uttering that single word. Treasure and administer it carefully so as not to diminish it’s meaning.
Given freely it grows and flourishes, sinking deep roots that can weather any storm. Transcending age, language, social status and nationality those four letters wield elemental force with the wonders of magic and the music of angels.

Live with love and love what you live.

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