Saturday, October 5, 2013

Local magazine release

The local publication magazine operated by the DNJ just released this on my novel Amazing Grace. I'm humbled and thrilled to say the least! :o)

Graceful Entrance: Murfreesboro author puts out a page-turner

Oct. 3, 2013   |  
Life is change. And change is pain. Major Tammy Fuller knows this firsthand. A former Delta Force commander from a small female group of Special Forces, she’s given all she has. After retiring, Tammy drifts without purpose until a chance encounter with a child presents her with a painful choice.
Thus begins James Hellvig’s action novel, Amazing Grace. The Murfreesboro author is a former soldier and police officer and life-long martial artist who’s turned his attention to the pen, writing short stories and freelance for many online publications. Lately, he’s been focused on fiction, getting to know his protagonist as he places her in a new scenario in the sequel he’s already writing (available in mid-2014).
But readers will want to start by following Tammy through a series of events back into a world she thought she’d left behind. As a pastor, Tammy’s life should be much different from her military career. But she uses her pulpit to fight local gangs and to recruit would-be members away from a life of crime. Her interference makes her a target, though, and soon she comes in the crosshairs of an arms dealer. She soon discovers she must use all of her military skills to survive.
The novel is action packed, the heroine tough and courageous. Amazing Grace is a page-turner for sure.
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