Thursday, August 29, 2013

Interview with author Janna Yeshanova

Can you give me a top ten of movies you thought were the best thing since sliced bread? And the reason why.

Forrest Gump  - It’s my “coffee table” movie! :)  

Once Upon A Crime - Unexpected humor.When I saw it, I thought it was the one of the funniest movies of my life! :)

Argo  Real heroism portrayed in real life events. I tip my hat.
The Proposal    Smart, gorgeous, witty, diligent, my favorite Sandra Bullock! :)

Meet The Parents      My daughter deserves a prince! Is one of those existing at all?

Marriage Italian Style    Sophia Loren!  She is so gorgeous! She is so expressive!  She is so … Italian! Can’t forget this film!

The Tourist    I could not predict what happens next!  The actors are fabulous!

Erin Brockovich   Based on a true story!  Be bold!  Look forward!  Take a risk!  You will win in the end!

The Birdcage Touching!  Funny!  Sensitive!  Love wins in a clash of values!

Rain Man   Again: Love wins EVERYTHING! The movie is so funny!  So sad!  So happy! So kind! So profound!
Thanks Janna! :o) I appreciate the time and the sharing....check her out folks!

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